The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Ituku/Ozalla Enugu is a tertiary hospital which has broad objectives of health service, teaching and research. The hospital achieves these objectives through the provision of hospital and clinical teaching facilities for the training of health personnel such as newly qualified doctors, professionals such as nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technologists, physiotherapists, Radiographers etc.

The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Ituku/Ozalla Enugu is a tertiary hospital which has broad
obje ctives of health service, teaching and research. The hospital achieves these objectives through the provision of hospital and clinical teaching facilities for the training of health personnel such as newly qualified doctors, professionals such as nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technologists, physiotherapists, Radiographers etc. The hospital also provides, in-patient and out-patient health care services to its numerous clients through her highly trained staff, conducts and promotes research on all matters pertaining to health and provides adequate clinical materials and equipment for service, teaching and research.

The charter serves to enlighten our numerous clients about the nature of services rendered by the hospital, the quality of such services, our obligations to them for the quality service delivery and how they can make their complaints in event of service failure and be sure to get their complaint properly addressed and solved.

We provide quality training, research and specialist health care for clients in a friendly environment with excellence in cardiothoracic services.

By 2013, we will be a leading provider of quality diagnostic, curative and preventive healthcare services in all fields of Medicine while still maintaining excellence in Cardiothoracic Medicine.

Every member of staff/worker in the hospital is expected to imbibe and practice the following core values with sincerity while at work and in dealing with the hospital clients;

  • Dedication
  • Commitment
  • Diligence
  • Empathy
  • Discipline
  • Respect
  • Confidentiality

Services provided by UNTH include:

  • General out-patient services particularly for those who are not referral patients.
  • Medical out-patients services for those patients whose cases were rederred to the consultants clinics for expert medical attention.
  • Cardiology/Cardiothoracic services
  • In-patient services for all categories of patients whose cases require closer monitoring and/or attention for surgery.
  • Intensive care services
  • Radiological services including CT Scan and other specialized X-ray services.
  • Neuro-Surgeries/services
  • Laboratory examinations of all kinds
  • Phychiatry
  • Dermatology
  • Pediatrics services (including New born special care/Children Emergency services)
  • E.N.T. (Ear, Nose and Throat)
  • Ophthalmology
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology Services
  • Community Medicine
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Orthopaedic services
  • Dietetics
  • Radiotherapy services (to take off very soon)
  • Training of various categories of health personnel through her clinical activities and through nine different UNTH schoold
  • Researches in health and allied fields
  • Anti-retroviral clinic ( for HIV/AIDS)
  • Post graduate residency training programmes in surgery, internal medicine, ophthalmology, anesthesia, radiology, dentistry etc.
  • Runs three comprehensive health centers at obukpa in enugu state, abagana in anambra state and isuochi in abia state.
  • High profile amenity wards for paitents who need privacy and special care
  • Pain/palliative clinic
  • Urological surgeries/services
  • Nephrology services including haemodialysis
  • Sickle cell clinic
  • Cleft surgeries/services


  • All kinds of patients and their relations.
  • Federal ministry of health Abuja and other state health ministries and the health institutions etc
  • The land donor communities of ituku/ozalla in enugu state
  • Students of various health professions
  • Development partners and some NGOs particularly in the health sector
  • Government agencies, parastatals and organizations etc


  • Out patient services at  G.O.P.D commence at 8:00am ( Monday – Friday )
  • Services commence at the consultant clinics by 9:00am ( Monday – Friday )
  • Patients are attended to on the basis of first come, first served except inexceptional circumstances as may be determined by the doctor.
  • The hospital charges card or renewal or consultation fees for each visit to the clinics depending on which one is applicable and customers should pay before seeing the doctor.
  • Revenue clerks are deployed to every clinic to collect payments.
  • Staff are expected to wear identity cards or name tags
  • Compliant/suggestion boxes are placed close to clinics and wards for interested. Also complaints procedures are pasted at clinics and strategic areas of the hospital for guidiance.
  • Patients will not wait longer than necessary to see a doctor.
  • Our health personnel are highly trained
  • Emergency cases are given prompt attentions
  • A condusive environment exists for best practices in training and research through monitoring and publishing etc
  • 24 hours accident and emergency services are available.

It is possible that sometimes our services may not meet your expectations. Please do not hesitate to let us know by registering your complaints accordingly. There is a nodal officer and complaint desk officer ( their names are indicated below ) to whom you can always make your complaints. These complaints will be duly acknowledged and addressed promptly, sometimes within 24 hours – 48 hours depending on the nature of the problem or complaint. Apart from the names indicated below, there are also SERVICOM officers in every department who may be contacted for prompt solutions in case of service failure or unsatisfactory service. Ask for where their names and telephone numbers are displayed in the clinics or departments affected or you can write and drop your complaints in the complaints/suggestion box nearest to you and be sure that attention will be given to the complaints.

Make your complaints directly or in writing to the under listed in the following order:

Name of complaint desk officer : Mrs ifeyinwa Ekwealor
Telephone number: 08052921050
Email address:
Office: servicom office, ground floor, ( left wing ) Administrative block, UNTH

Name of Nodal officer: Mr Cyril .C. Keleze
Telephone Number: 08033458010, 042 308128
Email address:
Office: Head public relations, 1st floor, ( left wing ) Administration block, UNTH.

If not satisfied, the following may be contacted

Chairman medical advisory committee: Dr Christopher C. Amah
Telephone number: 08033216393
Emai address:
Office CMAC’s office, 1st floor (left wing) Administration block, UNTH

Director of administration: Barr(Mrs) M.U Okonkwo
Telephone number: 08034294649
Email address:
Office: DA’s office 1st floor, ( right wing ) Adminstration block, UNTH

Chief Medical Director: Dr Anthony U. Mbah
Telephone Number:
Email address:
Office: Office of the CMD
1st floor, ( left wing ) Administration Block, UNTH


The UNTH expects her clients, particularly patients to:

  • Be fully acquainted with this corporate hospital charter and those of all its service frontlines which are of interest to them at each point in time.
  • Observe all hospital rules and follow all approved procedures for obtaining a desired service or seeking redress in the case of a service failure or unsatisfactory service.
  • Make enquiries where necessary and relate with hospital staff in a decent and equally courteous manner.
  • Allow reasonable time for processing their requests for a particular service.
  • Be patient and learn to trust the relevant hospital staff and obey simple instructions
  • Be available for treatment and keep the doctor’s appointment
  • Use hospital facilities with care
  • Consider the needs and problems of other patients and not to be selfish
  • Deal only with authorized personnel
  • Use medication as prescribed by the hospital doctor during consultation.

UNTH staffs are obliged to:

  • Be empathic and apply best practices in dealing with our clients, particularly patients.
  • Be punctual at work and dedicated to their duties at all times
  • Be friendly and courteous in dealing with clients at all levels
  • Set good examples to clients in terms of conduct and provision of care.
  • Try as much as possible to reduce patient waiting time.
  • Be adequately informed to be able to advise patients or know when to seek information in their behalf to assist them where necessary
  • Render God fearing service to out clients or patients.
  • Imbibe and practice UNTH core values at all times while at work

The hospital management is to:

  • Be focused and responsible
  • Responsive to the needs, reports and complaints of patients
  • Ensuring reasonable comfort for patients in the clinics through provision of adequate waiting rooms and chairs
  • Monitor performance of hospital staff
  • Make good policies that will facilitate the provision of quality health care generally.

The federal government through the federal ministry of health, the hospital management board and other relevant government agencies is expected to:

  • Provide the necessary funding for the hospital.
  • Make necessary policies that will help facilitate the provision of quality health care and provide the enabling environment for the actualization of the goals of this charter in the hospital.

Stakeholdes include:

  • The federal ministry of health
  • The board and management of UNTH
  • The enugu state government/others
  • The ituku/ozalla communities that donated lands for the building of the hospital
  • Agencies, corporate organizations and non-governmental organizations that relates with the hospital
  • The general public.
  • Members of staff.

Periodic stake holder meetings with management is promised from time to time as a means of getting relevant and effective feedback that will aid in providing quality service all times

We have provision for clients with special needs such as the disabled or lame, paupers and unconscious patients who cannot pay their bills etc. such provisions include:

  • Ramps to enable the disabled move around freely.
  • Waiving bills for deserving indigent in-patients and unconscious accident victims, etc as the need arises.
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